Starting Solids?

So Tuesday, May 1st, we had a doctors visit for the baby. Ahmad is doing great! He weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces and is 24 inches long, so in 4 months he has gained 10 pounds and grew 6 inches! For the past couple of months our pediatrician has had us give him this iron supplement called polyvisol. I must admit, the first few weeks were a terrible struggle to get it down him but now he doesn't put up a too big of a fight. The doctor basically said, "If you don't give him this supplement, he may look healthy on the outside but will be hollow inside." Quite honestly, it makes me wonder what people did in the day before supplements were even thought of? So is it really that important? I don't know, I give it to him because taking it won't hurt anything. 

The Doctor also said to start introducing solids. I was very surprised because he told me at our last visit that he wanted me to breastfeed up to one year. I am kind of iffy about starting him on solids at only 4 months of age! I mean, I had thought of doing this at 6 months, but 4? He said that at first just take some rice cereal, take one tablespoon of that and mix with 5 tablespoons of warm breastmilk. Which makes a really runny consistency and feed him by spoon. First off, we have to buy a baby spoon, but I did try to give it to him with our small silver spoons but he hated it and was screaming so I gave in and fed him by the breast. I just have a feeling he isn't quite ready for the solids yet. Any advice?

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  1. 4lorac

    have you had your own iron levels checked? if you are breast feeding, he is getting what you make….what you eat, he eats, which is why they tend to want you to stay away from the high acid foods, tomatoes, citrus’s, that kind of thing, or the yeasty things, like beer…I did the rice thing, its because rice digests easy and is easy on his little innards…what my kids liked actually was the strained bananas….dont use honey with a little baby, just a dab of Karo syrup…..its a taste/texture thing right now…he will let you know when he is hungry enough for “solids” and you will know, he will not be sleeping through the night and will be always hungry……his weight is wonderful, and his growth rate is good. Remember YOU are Mommy, and you will know best what is good for your little man. Dont be afraid to ask question if you are unsure, everybody has their idea about babies….better yet, call your mom and include her in this, I bet she would enjoy this conversation and have a lot of ’I remember whens" to share with you!!!

    May 03, 2012
    1. MyOneLove

      Ooops, I eat a lot of grapefruit and tomatoes! I think I am going to wait a little while longer to start solids. But once I do, I have so much breastmilk in the freezer that I won’t have to worry about sweetening it- my milk is sweet tasting. My baby is growing up too fast. :’(

      May 03, 2012
  2. danythas30

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    May 12, 2017