My 20th Birthday!

August 20th was my 20th birthday! Jasim (my husband) and I had plans of going to the zoo or downtown and ride on the ferry with Ahmad (as Ahmad hasn't experienced either of those things), but the weather wouldn't permit. So because of the rain, instead, we went to the Mall. There I bought a few outfits, Ahmad a pair of shoes, and at the Halal grocery store we bought Jasim a thobe to wear in the house. 



Ahmad's new mickey mouse shoes!



This size medium skirt is made to hug your waist I bought for 8.99$ at the sale section in Forever 21! Because it is a medium, the skirt settles on my hips rather then my waist, which I prefer as I don't like anything emphasizing my waist. I absolutely LOVE this skirt!



This sweater is made out of t-shirt material which in turn makes it super comfy! I bought in a 1x as I wanted it to fit very loosely. JC Penny's 20$ sweater marked down to 4$!



This size medium short sleeve sweater I also bought from JC Penny's for 20$. The antique pink scarf is from Banana republic. I bought about a year ago for 11$ when it was originally a 40$ scarf!



I really like the crotchet sticth that was used for this sweater, and I adore the small braided leather belt that is weaved through the crotchet gaps.



This skirt is also a find at JC Penny's for 8$! The mediums and smalls we all too short for my liking so instead I bought a petite large. I kind of thought at first I would have to take it in, but the elastic is super tight so it stays in place!



I was really pleased to have found clothes that can change around. The two sweaters can go with either skirts!

I really had my hopes on finding a black abaya that snaps/buttons from neck to toe (so I can feed my little one) but the two that were at the Halal grocery store were either too small or too big. Maybe next time insha'allah!





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Comments (1)

  1. SteamPunk

    Aw, he’s so cute in his Mickey Mouse shoes! I love the skirts, especially that first one! I must find one like it lol. Happy belated birthday!

    August 23, 2012
    1. MyOneLove

      Thanks! The first one is my favorite as well. The second my husband liked, so we got it since he liked it so well. LOL

      August 23, 2012
  2. beatems1947

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    April 27, 2017