An Uneasy Moment

Last night before my husband came home, I had called him and asked him to pick up some diapers from CVS. When he came home he said that I had his debit card so I would have to go after we ate. When we finished our supper I got all "wrapped" up and left. When i got to the store I grabbed the diapers and headed to the front to check them out. As I was walking to the line, this older man turned around and said,

"Where you from? HUH? Where you FROM?"

He made me feel really uneasy so at first I didn't answer, but he kept insisting and asking, "Where you from? Are you from over "there"?"

I finally said, "I am from here." 

"So then why do you where that veil THING? What were you born THAT way? Or do you just practice those beliefs or are you a convert?" He kind sneered the word convert, while at the same time I smelled a hint of liquor on his breath.

"I am a convert."

By this time I felt really uncomfortable. He asked me another question which I can not bring to mind and I chose not answer. He then asked, "What you aren't gonna answer my questions now?"

 I said, "Look, I have to go home to my baby."

After that he mumbled something under his breath and went to the check out.

 I never mind people asking me questions and I don't mind answering them, its just how his demeanor and vibes were that made me feel extremely uneasy. Only when I got back home did I feel "safe".


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Comments (3)

  1. 4lorac

    I guess it goes with the territory…given the state of politics and all that…its up to you how you deal with this, it was extreemly rude of that jerk to invade your personal space like this…your best course of action is to not put yourself in a position of being harrassed, if you see it coming, head for another clerk, a manager, anybody that can bear witness and disallow this kind of behavior….way back when, my first husband(deceased 06) was a cuban, and black, and this is the midwest, (1980’s) totally redneck and if your arent catholic, your luthern, I was neither…… imagine how this went over for me. Some people are just idiots and throw drink in there and they get false courage and think they have the God Given Right to share their opinion. I am impressed with your courage and dignity in handling this situation..hugs little one.

    April 07, 2012
  2. SteamPunk

    :S I’m sorry that happened. Some people definitely intone certain questions with that sort of threatening vibe and it’d be easy to get angry and push back, say certain things to them in ways that aggravate, and make them feel justified in behaving badly in the first place, but you handled it well. I hope this doesn’t happen too often, but if it does, hopefully it’s always someplace public with others to step in if such idiots take it too far.

    April 07, 2012
  3. perl1939

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    April 08, 2017