A Visit Home! (Questions about traveling by myself with a 3 month old)

So April 12th I am going home with my baby to visit my family! My husband can not come because of his responsibilities at work, mind you my family hasn't even met him yet. This will be the first time ANY of my family has seen my baby, other then the pictures I put on facebook or sent through emails. I will be traveling by myself with the baby by airplane. I will admit that I am a bit nervous about this arrangement. What if I have to go to the bathroom in the airplane? I can't because no one is there to watch the baby. What if the baby decides to have one of his fussy moments and I am looked at as one of those mothers who can't control her children? What if he gets hungry? there are no private rooms for me to breastfeed him in. I have never fed him in public, I would always go to our car and feed him, or go in the stores bathroom. Insha'allah- God willing, my traveling will be made easy. For all those mothers out there that have tips about traveling by yourself with a little baby do let me know! :)

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  1. 4lorac

    the only way I ever traveled with a baby was by car, and I didnt breatfeed(I had twins) however, a shawl, or recieving blanket to cover yourself and protect others modesty is just fine….I dont know what the rules are for bringing breastmilk already pumped are, probably better to just breastfeed if that is your norm. Try and be relaxed, your baby can feel your stress, you dont want to take any travel meds, it’lll be in your breastmilk and you dont want that…..and they a potty on the plane is its a big one…………you’ll find people are helpful and if you need someone to hold your babe for a moment so you can go to the bathroom, dont be afrad to ask an attendant if they arent busy. good luck, your family will love your baby.( my babies are in thier 30’s) but I still remember…………….

    April 04, 2012
    1. MyOneLove

      Wow twins! There is this lady I know of, she had twins completely naturally and she breastfeeds. Thats one busy mama. Yes asking the attendants is a good idea.

      April 04, 2012
  2. lagen1980

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