A Day Out With My Mother

This morning my mother and I went to Kansas City along with the baby to spend the day together. We first went to the movie theater to watch the "Hunger Games". It was a very good movie, and it actually had a moral to it which is hard to find these days. After the movie was finished it was time for Dhuhr prayer so she drove me to the closest mosque and stayed with the baby in the truck while I prayed. After that we went to some lady stores and bought some pretty little intimates.

Ahmad is such a good little baby. He travels and shops well, only starts to fuss when he is messy or hungry. All in all it was a lovely day. My mother and I actually had some time to ourselves to talk in private and catch up.

Leaving tomorrow brings bittersweet feelings, I so badly miss my husband but I don't want to leave my family either. 

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Comments (4)

  1. 4lorac

    now you know your family has you and your beautiful Ahmad in their hearts and thoughts, you can return to your love and resume the life/family you have been building…onward little one, you have the best of both worlds. you are still moms little girl as well as your husbands wife.!

    April 23, 2012
  2. whichhattoday

    It was a very enjoyable day indeed! Ahmad was such a good, little boy while we ran watched the movie, ate lunch, went shopping, etc. He certainly loved the big screen and all the pretty colors at the clothing stores!!!

    April 29, 2012
    1. MyOneLove

      Yep he is an exceptionally good baby.

      April 29, 2012
  3. brodieclare

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    July 31, 2017