A Day Out Visiting

Yesterday my grandparents, Ahmad and I went out to visit some family. We first went to my grandpas sister, I hadn't seen her in ages. Probably for almost 10 years. Anyhoo, after visiting her we went to my grandmas sister.

My Aunt's daughter is getting married tomorrow, the oldest one is married- she is about my moms age- and has a 3 year old and a 1 year old. When visiting with her it felt like we were at the same age level due to having kids around the same age. Funny how that is. Bear in mind, I hadn't seen that side of the family since forever, probably the last time was when my great grandma died. After she passed on our fmailies didn't really get together, that was when I was 6 so it has been almost 14 years! It feels so strange when you know people who remember when you were just a tiny baby.

After we left my Aunt's, we went to my grandpa's brothers. He has a son who is in Ghatar, serving in the army or the marines, I forget which it is. Like the others I hadn't seen them for a while either. I forgot how talkative Aunt E was. All in all it was a nice day, today I am meeting up with some friends I had went to school with from k-6. One girl who is younger then me has a 1 year old boy. So I am pretty anxious to see them. :)

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